Lowlife 2090 - Weasel & Kid Sinister, part 3


Lowlife 2090 RPG by Pickpocket Press.

Lo 90 Solo by Parts Per Million.

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This adventure is based on an old scenario for Traveller RPG.  The adventures have to find who kidnapped the patrons brother.  This makes it a 'Mystery' style game and, if I am to keep something of the original scenario, should lead the characters to the seedier side of Doza.
Playing a solo mystery game has always been very challenging for me.  I have played some that have worked well and been really enjoyable, whilst others have failed miserably , resulting in me abandoning the adventure half way through.  As I type this blog post I have no idea if this game is going to work or not, so lets ask some questions, roll some dice and see what happens.

Round up from last session
Nashu Kamshunir

Nashu Kamshunir (an acquaintance of Rook, one of my PC's) and her younger brother Enli have unexpectedly found themselves to be extremely wealthy following the death of their parents in a plane crash several months ago.
Now Enli has been kidnapped and Nashu, having paid the ransom has received a second demand for 50 million Cera rather than the release of her brother.
The characters have made their way to Nashu's apartment in the Munroe district of Mendoza City.  It is here that Nashu asks them for their help in finding her brother, a task Rook has already agreed the PC's will undertake.
Oh, and a few streets away from Nashu's apartment, a demonstration has turned into a full scale riot, with riot police now in attendance making the riot worse.

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More information from Nashu.

After Nashu has given the characters what little background information she has about her brothers' kidnapping, Weasel is the first to speak.

"so the kidnappers want ₵ 50 million more or your brother gets it and you expect us to find him for a lousy ₵ 80 ,000, why have you not just go to the law, they have people who do this stuff for people like you for free."


Question - has Nashu gone to the authorities for help with finding her brother?

(I am saying very unlikely or she would not be asking the characters, so -40% to d100 roll) Roll d100 =7 No, and...

(no need for the -40 to the dice roll then)


Nashu has not contacted the police about the kidnapping and she doesn't want them involved at all. She is convinced that such a move would result in Enli's death at the hands of the kidnappers.


Question - is Nashu willing to pay more for the PC's help?

(I am saying she maybe, so +20 to d100 roll) Roll d100 = 19% + 20% = 39% No, because...


Rook points out to Weasel that she has already agreed to help her friend, ₵ 80'000 is the fee agreed, if Weasel doesn't want in, that's fine.


Weasel doesn't sound happy but he is broke, "you got some sort of ransom note?".

Nashu hands a hand written note over to him which reads,

'Nashu Kamshunir, we have your brother Enli.  If you want to see him alive again, place a bank draft for ₵ 50 million in a brown paper bag and leave...'


The note goes on to describe the place the bag is to left.


Weasel reads it, "you recognise the hand writing?"


Question - does Nashu recognise the handwriting?

(I am going to say very unlikely as she probably would have said, so -40% to d100 roll) d100 roll = 83 -40, 43% No, because...


Nashu looks at Weasel and replies, "No, what sort of dumb question is that, I mean who writes anything by hand these days"


Kid Sinister looks at the note too, "she has a point there Weasel, thats some scrawly writing there, I can hardly read it".


"that's because your thi..."  Shona snatches the note from weasel before he can finish his insult to Kid S. "hey! I was reading that!".


Shona asks Nashu about Enli's friends and where he usually hangs out


Question - can Nashu offer any information on who and where her brother hung out with/at?

(I am thinking 50/50 on this, so +/- 0% on d100)  d100 roll = 36 No, because...


Nashu can shed little light on her brothers friends, even less on where he spent his time.  They had always been very close but since their parents death Enli had gone his own way, becoming a little distant towards his sister and moving into one of the other properties there parents left them, on the other side of the Monroe district.  She can give them the address if it would help.


Question - does  Nashu have access to the property Enli is living in?

(I am going 50/50 again here) d100 roll = 87%.  Yes, and...


(I am going to get two verbs from the open question tables in Lo90, one from the EFFECT column one from the PERSONAL column.)

I roll 3 &18, 'Confirm' & 'Struggle'


Nashu gives them the access code for the entrance to the apartment and she says she has already been there and there are certainly signs of a struggle having taken place in the apartment.  With that Nashu breaks down, she tells them she will offer all the help she can give them to find her brother, she just wants him back alive.


The PC's decided that is where they will start their investigation.  Rook suggests she will stay with Nashu but Nashu says she will be fine.  With that, the Weasel, Kid, Rook and Shona leave the apartment and make their way across Munroe District to the place used by Enli as his home.


At Enli's Apartment.

Question - is the riot still going on?

(I am going to say probably, so +20 to d100) d100 roll = 98% (no need to bother adding the + 20% to the die roll) Yes, and...  

(+1 intervention point)


The demonstration has turned into a full scale riot, riot police have gone in mob handed and escalated the tensions.  Rook has directions to Enli's apartment and it takes them right through the riots, thats something they feel best avoided.


Question - are they able to find a route which avoids the riots?

(I am going to say likely +20 to d 100 die roll)

d100 roll = 78 + 20, 98% Yes, and...

(no intervention point added her as the 98% is a modified roll)


Rook looks on her cell for directions avoiding the riot. She finds a new route which will avoid the riots and is even quicker.


Question - does anything happen to them on this new route to Enli's apartment?

(I will say 50/50 so +/- 0% to d100 roll)

d100 roll = 41 No, because...


The streets are still quiet, there are police everywhere due to the riots and this seems to have the effect of keeping people in this part of the Monroe district indoors.


The apartment Enli was living in before he was kidnapped is in an area of Munroe with a large number of casinos, gambling dens, night clubs and holo theatres of somewhat dubious reputation are also prominent.  Even though it is now only late afternoon, being further away from the riots a good number of 'punters' are out and about.

The PC's make their way to Enli's apartment and try the front door.


Question - is the front door locked?

(I think this is very likely so +40 to d100 roll)

d100 roll = 11 +40% = 51, Yes, but...


The door is locked, as expected, but Nashu has given them the code for the keypad lock to open the door.  Rook types the code in and then tries the door.


Question - does the door open

(very likely, so +40 to d 100 roll)

d100 roll = 92. Yes, and...

(no need to add the 40 on to that score. Also +1 intervention point, now 2 intervention point)


The door to the apartment swings open without any effort on Rooks part and there seems to be no active alarm systems so the group enter cautiously.  

Nashu was right, there are signs of a struggle having taken place in the apartment.  Some overturned furniture, broken drinks glass, its contents having been spilt on the floor.

Weasel spots the alarm system, it has been deactivated, he also looks around for signs of a break-in.  

Weasels background as a bugler should help him notice a break-in.  I get him to make an Intel roll, he rolls 3 on a d20, a great success.

Question - are there any signs of a break-in,

(50/50 on this one)

d100 roll = 34 No...


Weasel goes over all the possible ways in with a fine tooth comb, there is only the door they have just entered by and a couple of windows by which anyone could have either entered or left and Weasel can say with certainty that no one broke in.  If Enli was kidnapped from his apartment, (and judging from the overturned furniture, that would seem likely), they must have been let in by Enli and could have been known to him.  


The four PC's quickly look over the apartment to see if they can find any further clues as to either who his kidnappers are or to his whereabouts.

I decided each character should make a perception check to see if they spot anything that may help.

Rook needs 15 or less on d20 and rolls 3, a great success

Weasel needs 6 or less and rolls 9, a fail

Kid Sinister needs 13or less and rolls 14, a fail

Shona needs 17 or less and rolls 3, a great success.


I roll on the 'open question' tables and get -

'to think', 'violent'.

'Confirm', 'Gamble'


Shona has a Wi-Fi port brain implant and is able to connect to Enli's computer.  she checks his mail and messages and finds some which threaten Enli with extreme violence if he does not pay his debts.

Rook finds some casino chips which confirms Shona's findings that Enli has indeed been spending time gambling.


Question - is there any indication who has been threatening Enli?

(There maybe a name on the messages or a cell number but they could also be anonymous, so 50/50)  

d100 roll = 63 Yes...

Question, is the a name (50/50) roll d100 = 92 Yes, and...

(+1 intervention point, 3 intervention points, check for intervention type on d8 = 6 Close Scene)


The threats of violence towards Enli are from someone called Bohr and the chips are from a casino called Vermilion Curtain Casino.


Kid Sinsiter looks out of the door, "hey, I think someone over the road is watching us, time to get out of here".


The four head to the nearest subway and make their way back to the Foundry Bay district.  Both Shona and Rook are working at Neros this evening and Weasel and Kid decide to hang out there as usual.

They decided to contact Nashu in the morning, see if she could shed any light on this Bohr person and the Vermilion Curtain Casino.  In the meantime, they have several contacts they can ask, but not until after they have blown some of their advance on a good time at Neros bar.

In the morning they will


Adventure On!

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